Tracking Outbound Links with AB testing for Beaver Builder

Tracking Outbound Links

This article is out of date

You can now use the ‘click element’ conversion type.

Refer to the docs for more info.

If you want to measure a conversion for your AB test with the visitor clicking to an external URL, follow the below steps.

You’ll need:


STEP 1: Create a conversion page

To track external clicks, we need a special page that lets us record the click, then redirect the user to the external URL.

Create a new page, that you will send your visitors to, before they go to the external URL. If you know how, hide this page from search, sitemaps etc as its purely a utility page.


STEP 2: Add in conversion and redirect functionality

On this page, insert the AB test Conversion Module and associate it to your test.

Insert an HTML module, and add the below basic redirect script

  window.location = ''; // your redirect URL
},2000); // 2000 = 2 second delay


STEP 3: Fix up the UX

Because there is a delay, you should also add in a heading module saying  “please wait, redirecting you”.

Here’s how it should all look:


STEP 4: Link to the conversion page

Go back to your original experiment URL, and use the conversion page as the link, instead of the external link.

redirect button

That’s it!


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