Beaver Team Pro

Beaver Team Pro - Supercharge your Beaver Building.


Workflow tools to speed up your process.


Design tools that dont slow you down.


Beaver Builder, the way you always wanted it.

$129 pa
Unlimited site license

Version 1.2.12  Changelog

Do you spend hours on repetitive Beaver Builder tasks?

Has the client updated their logo and colors mid website build?

Did you forget to add icons to those buttons?

Do you want to be able to navigate around Beaver Builder faster?

Would you like to add module default settings, so you get a drag and drop branded experience in one click?

Do you want to quickly modify a preset template to match a brand?

Do your websites need a little "pop"?

Beaver Team Pro can help with this, and a hundred other Beaver Builder jobs.

$ 129.00 USD / year

Unlimited site license

Handy Features

That will make your life easier

Workflow tools to speed up your process


Bulk Updates

Change a module/row/column setting? Click 'Update all' and push those settings to all other matching modules. There are plenty of filters to target the right things.


Default Module Templates

Saved templates are good, but imagine if your saved items were in the normal module drawer? Surely your customers wont get lost now!


Conditional Rows and Columns

Choose whether or not to display a row based on the users location, cookie, time of day, or any output from Beaver Themer, shortcodes, or field values.

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Template Jumper

Working on a page design, and a Beaver Themer layout or part needs tweaking? Our template Jumper lets you easily hop to any Themer part whilst BB is active.


Live Sass (SCSS)

Crank out the website styling with built in Shortcode and SCSS rendering, with smart variables!

Lottie Pro

Easily add lottie animations to your Beaver Builder website. Lottie Pro enables cool mouse and scroll related animations!


Bulk Color Update

Change all occurrences of one color to another. Great for quickly theming websites, and when the customers brand colors change.


Sticky Row & Column Pro

Stick those rows and columns to the current view to keep things top of mind.

Sticky Pro includes Responsive settings and Stick to bottom options.

Design tools that dont slow you down.


Color Sync

Now your BB color presets are available in the customizer, and vice versa.


Pattern Backgrounds

Our SVG pattern backgrounds let you quickly and easily add patterns and textures to your background colours. Harsh, white backgrounds be gone!

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered.

Does the plugin work with third party plugins like UABB or Powerpack?

Yes! Tested with UABB and Powerpack. It supports almost all core and extention module types.

What are the ongoing costs?

The licence will be automatically renewed every year at the price you paid when signing up. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer receive updates or support.

This plugin sucks

No worries - 30 day, no questions money back guarantee.

Do I need an active licence to use Beaver Team Pro?

No, BT Pro will work as long as you have the plugin installed. Since we are deeply integrated with Beaver Builder - if they change something, we need to follow suit. Without a licence, you won't have access to these updates and the plugin may stop working.

Can I restrict usage of the plugin?


You can restrict access (by user capability) to the Bulk update/templating tools so that your website users cant make big, potentially website ruining changes.

Modules like Pattern Backgrounds will remain available to all users.

Is it compatible with Multisite?

Yes, it works on multisite.
You can only make bulk updates to a single site at a time... No network-wide bulk updates.

In the future, you'll be able to centrally manage settings from the Network settings, but at this stage, you'll need to configure the plugin for each sub-site.

Can I test out the plugin before buying?

Very soon. In the meantime, we offer a 30 day, 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

Do you have Documentation?

How many websites can I use Beaver Team Pro on?

You can use Beaver Team Pro on unlimited client sites.

Per domain licensing coming soon. Buy now to lock in your unlimited site license.

Support and updates are provided only to the license holder. If your customers wish to get support from us, they need to purchase a license.


Lets do this!

$ 129.00 USD / year

Use on unlimited websites.

30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

No spam, ever.