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Automatic saved module thumbnails for Beaver Builder.

Build faster and wow your client.

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Version 1.0.6   Changelog

Drag and drop better

WP Shots automatically screenshots of all your saved Beaver Builder templates, rows, columns and modules when you save or update.

Then you, and your clients can see exactly the branded blocks that you've worked so hard on - in near real time.

Default Beaver Builder With WP Shots!

Why We Built This

Our agency customers love the idea of having branded "blocks" for their business. They can quickly spin up new pages that look great in seconds. Unfortunately when it comes time to hand it off, the customer is presented with a list of good or bad descriptions of all these saved modules - then they end up "trial and erroring" to see what it looks like. Really all you want to see is an image.

So that is this.

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