Beaver Builder Read Time Module

AB Split Test Plugin for Beaver Builder

Are you looking for a 'Medium style' time to read plugin for your blog posts or articles?

This Beaver Builder Module is for you!

Using Michael Lynch's jQuery Reading time plugin, we've implemented a simple to use module to help you implement a read time feature in your blog.


To Use:

  1. Install and activate the plugin available at the bottom of this page.
  2. Add in the 'Read Time' Module (in the Beaver Team group)
  3. Choose the appropriate CSS selector for your article. This is what the plugin will search for and include.
  4. Update the Pre and post text, plus font styles and your done!

More in depth instructions below....


Uploading and Installing the Plugin

1. Download plugin

Download the Time to Read Plugin


2. Head to your dashboard > Plugins > Add New



3. Click Upload Plugin



4. Upload the .zip file



5. Activate the plugin



Activating the Module

1. From your dashboard, go to Settings > Page Builder



2. Click Modules



3. Tick the box next to Time To Read to activate the module



4. Click Save Module Settings


And you're done! The Time to Read Module is now ready to use!


Using the Module

1. Open Page Builder on the page you wish to add the module to


2. Click Beaver Team from the dropdown menu or use search to locate Time to Read module



3. Drag and drop the module where you want to place it in your page



4. Configure settings such as font style, font style and colour as well as alignment


1.0 – Hi 1.1 – Auto updates in the house.

Download Beaver Builder Read Time Module

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