Beaver Builder Sticky Column

AB Split Test Plugin for Beaver Builder

Do you want to keep a call to action or menu visible on screen as much as is possible?

The Beaver Builder Sticky Column plugin keeps your column content visible as long as it remains inside the parent.

This is useful for calls to action, or page navigation menus. 


  1. Install and activate the Beaver Builder Sticky Column plugin (download)
  2. Create a column. Ensure that ‘Equalize Column Heights’ is set to ‘No’
    1. If you are using a nested column, ensure the parent column setting ‘Equalize Column Heights’ is set to ‘Yes’, but the child column is set to ‘No’
    2. You can also make your rows (hello sticky sub-menu’s)
  3. On your column, in the Advanced Tab, under ‘Visibility’, you will see the setting ‘Sticky Column’ – set it to ‘Yes’.
  4. You can also adjust the gap between the top of the browser screen and your element when scrolling. This is useful for websites with fixed headers.
  5. After publishing, reload your page and your column will be sticky.
  6. That’s it!


1.5 – 8 Mar 2019

  • Fixed conflict with other code using “data-sticky” attribute. Now called “bt-sticky”.


  • Bugfixes

1.3 – 22 Feb 2019

  • No more bouncing!
  • Converted to CSS position:sticky with fallback to position:fixed using stickybits
  • New: Use sticky on multiple columns
  • New: Use sticky on rows


  • Fixed sticky not always activating


  • Fixed breaking BB when no sticky modules found


  • Hello world!

Download Beaver Builder Sticky Column

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