Making our plugins WP CLI Friendly

I always thought WP CLI development would be hard.

But I was wrong!

After recieving a ticket from one of our power users, they asked,

"We install Beaver Team Pro via the command line, is there any way we can activate it via CLI?"

So I had a quick dig around, and surprisingly (gutenberg has made me salty) WP CLI is ultra easy to implement!

Below is the code we're adding to all our premium plugins, so that you can activate our plugins via the command line.

WP CLI activation now available in version 1.3.4 of Beaver Team Pro. AB Split Test and WP Shots soon.

# Register a custom 'activate-bt-pro' command to output a supplied positional param.
# $ wp activate-bt-pro yourLicenceKey
# Success: Beaver Team Pro activated

 * @when before_wp_load
$activateBtPro = function( $args, $assoc_args ) {

  $licenceKey = $args[0];
  $domain = home_url();

  $plugin = "bt-pro"; // your plugin name
  //specific to our plugin, you should replace this stuff with your plugin activate function

  $multisite = is_multisite();
  $lstatus  = bt_pro_verify_licence($licenceKey ,$domain,$plugin,$multisite);
  if(!empty($lstatus)) // if we have a result
    if( $lstatus->active == 1){ // if we're now active
      WP_CLI::log( $lstatus->status);
      WP_CLI::success( 'BT Pro on '. $domain . ' now: ' . $lstatus->status);
      WP_CLI::error( 'Error activating BT Pro on '. $domain . '. Status: ' . $lstatus->status , $exit = false );




if ( class_exists( 'WP_CLI' ) ) {
  WP_CLI::add_command( 'activate-bt-pro', $activateBtPro );

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