Beaver Bricks

AB Split Test Plugin for Beaver Builder

The existing Beaver Builder blocks are very styled, making it hard to quickly build mockups - unless you're happy with the style given to you.

Beaver Bricks is over 100 lightly styled rows that you can use in your next project, without resetting fonts and deleting unnecessary parts. It only uses modules from Beaver Builder Pro (will not work with BB lite) and minimally styles everything to make sure that these layouts will fit in with your existing theme.

The designs are based off Froala Design Blocks.

How to use


Download and install the plugin.

The rows will be displayed under 'Rows' in the drop-down 'Group' menu.


Update the images and menus to your website.

Menus will appear blank until you click into the module, and select an existing menu.

Note: do not use the default images that point to our servers, as we may change the URL, or block your site if you are using too much traffic.

1.0 – Hello World! 1.1 – Fixed Thumbnails

Download Beaver Bricks

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