Lottie for Beaver Builder

Lottie for Beaver Builder

This free plugin will get you up and running with Lottie in 2 minutes!

How to Use

  1. Download plugin from the bottom of this page
  2. Install and activate the plugin inside your WordPress
  3. Open the Beaver Builder editor and drag in the "Lottie" Module
  4. Insert the URL pointing to your lottiefile.
  5. Make any other config changes you like.
  6. Done!
lottie simple controls

Lottie In Action


play on hover


Go further with Lottie Pro

Here's the pitch!

Need to do more with Lottie animations? Maybe some cool scroll or mouse related effects would catch your users eye for that second longer?

Lottie Pro (now available as part of our premium plugin, Beaver Team Pro) will make you look like a website motion graphics master!

Scroll Control

Mouseover Control