WP Shots - Documentation

Getting Started

  1. Install and activate WP Shots
  2. Head to Settings > WP Shots
  3. Enter your license key, which can be found in your purchase email or in your account
  4. That's it! WP Shots will start automatically taking screenshots and updating your saved rows, modules, columns and templates.

Bulk Create or Update Screenshots


Problem: Screenshots are not appearing

  1. Check you have activated the WP Shots Plugin
  2. Check you have entered your license key and registered WP Shots
  3. Refresh your browser.
    1. Beaver Builder saved thumbnails don't automatically refresh until you reload the page.
  4. Wait!
    • It takes 20 seconds to 3 minutes (3 minutes is rare, when there are network issues etc and the shot needs to reattempt a screenshot)

Problem: The screenshot is blank

If you have conditional settings that affect the display of your modules, there may be issues screenshotting it. Send us a message if you come across this issue as we're actively working on it.