Beaver Team Pro – Documentation


Getting Started

Install and activate plugin

  • The plugin is available to download from your account area
  • You'll also need your licence key, which is with your invoice.
  • Install the plugin on your site and activate.

Add your licence and activate modules.

  • Navigate to Settings > Beaver Builder > Developer
  • Pick the Beaver Team Pro modules you want to use 
  • Enter your licence key at the bottom of the page
  • Hit Save and your licence should be validated and module activated and ready to use.

Update All

Make bulk updates across your entire website. Change colors, margins, paddings or any other setting inside Beaver Builder modules.

Make your updates as you normally would
Hover over the label of the setting, to show the "update all" button

The update all window

Specify where you want to update, or leave as-is to truly "update all"

update all area

Conditional Updates

Update by post type, page slug, or module setting.

NOTE: Using this setting ignores "Update this page only" checkbox


Enter the post type of the modules you want to update.



Enter the post slug you want to update.



Update modules with existing settings applied to the module.

Useful for if you have multiple module "types" and you don't want to overwrite them all.

In this GIF, we update the background color of the buttons, only if they have a matching background color.



Default Modules

Overwrite the existing default modules, to make it faster and easier for everyone to build out a branded website.

METHOD 1: Save entire module as default

Style an entire module, and create a default in one clean sweep.

In the module "Advanced" tab, pick "Yes" for the "Default Module" dropdown
Publish the post to save defaults.

After saving your default module, the "Update Defaults" dropdown will update to "no", so that publishing your page in the future won't re-update your modules. Re-select "yes" if you want to re-modify your defaults.

METHOD 2: Individual settings

Bulk-update a module setting and set it as a default. Leaves the other settings as-is.

NOTE: You must have the Bulk Updates module activated.

  1. Use the bulk updates module as you normally would (see above instructions).
  2. Select "Set as Default" to have these settings applied to your module as a default.
Use the bulk-update module to apply individual settings

Reset default modules

If you want to start fresh with your module defaults, you can clear them by visiting this URL. Do not bookmark this URL as it will clear your defaults every time you visit it.


NOTE: replace {} with your website's domain.


Color Sync

Include color sync on all admin pages

This is handy if you have color pickers in your admin area that you want color sync to be enabled on. Ensure you have 'color sync' enabled in BB Developer settings.

Place this code in your functions.php (or similar) file to ensure Beaver Team color sync loads on all admin pages.


Conditional Rows and Columns

Step 1: Access the page builder through the page you wish to edit.

Step 2: Click the Row Settings icon on a row you wish to edit to set the conditions.

Step 3: Under the Advanced tab, scroll down and set the Display Visibility to Conditional - BT.

Step 4: Next, head to the newly visible 'Conditional' tab. Then you can select between location based conditions, or themer/shortcode conditions.



Enter the country code/s of the countries you wish to be added into the conditional visibility. Set whether you wish to hide or show the rows to the countries with the codes you entered.

Note that this will not work if you enter country names. Only country codes are accepted.

Use this as a reference for country codes.

Tip: Use the code EU to target all countries within EU.



Use an if this then that style query to show or hide your rows. In this example we are hiding the header menu if it's a WooCommerce checkout page (the post title contains checkout or cart)


Bulk Color Update

bulk color update beaver builder

Step 1

Make sure the module is activated under Settings > Beaver Builder > Developer


Step 2

Head to the color updates page: Tools > Page Builder Bulk Color Update


Step 3 - Set Up

Choose the post types you want to update

Insert the old and new colors (HEX color code) to be replaced.


Step 4 - Replace.

The tool will search through all your Beaver Builder enabled pages and swap the colors for you.

bulk color update page