Beaver Team Pro v 1.1.6 update – Conditional Heaven!

Beaver Team Pro v 1.1.6 update – Conditional Heaven

Introducing Beaver Team Pro 1.1.6 – The Conditional Rows and Columns Rebuild!

Total Rebuild

We rebuilt the JavaScript side of the conditional rows and columns from the ground up to allow us to more easily add features and tools for you. The first new feature that we’ve added thanks to this rebuild is Cookie Support!


NEW FEATURE: Cookie Support!

Now, you can show and hide rows and columns based on cookie values.

Cookie support is cache friendly, everything is handled with JavaScript on the front end, so you don’t need to mess with cache settings.


UPDATED: Location condition now more granular!

You can now target users based on:

  • Country Code
  • NEW:  Country Name
  • NEW:  State / Province / Territory
conditional rows state

With this new update, with Beaver Builder and Beaver Team Pro, you can show different content to your customers depending on what state or country they are in.


The update should be available now in your WordPress admin shortly. Don’t forget to add your licence if you haven’t yet!


A note on privacy and our conditional rows module: Both the cookie and location conditions are front-end solutions, meaning all variations are rendered in the browser hidden, then the appropriate rows and columns are shown. We use this method as its cache-friendly, and simple to work with.

We don’t recommend using this tool if you need to keep sensitive information protected from some users as the end user can look through the rendered HTML to see the hidden content.


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