WP Shots 1.0.3 Release notes

Every agencies favorite tool, WP Shots gets some love!

Version 1.0.3 is out Nov 24, 2021

In this update:

  • White text on white background? Solved!
  • Full height screenshots now available
  • Hardcode your license key to keep it more secure

Light text on white backgrounds is no longer a problem!

Simply add the string “light” to the end of your saved module / row / column, and WP Shots will take a screenshot on a dark background instead!

Watch the video!

Full Height Screenshots

Beaver Builder by default has a 2:1 image ratio in the saved items drawer. So we crop your screenshots that way.

Sometimes this is less than ideal because it crops out important stuff.

Now you can add the filter ss_wp_shots_full_height anywhere you add PHP (like your functions.php file, or a snippets plugin)


Hide your license key!

Keep your license key out of the WP Admin, so nobody can steal your juicy screenshot credits.

Hardcode your license key with PHP (like your functions.php file, or a snippets plugin)

// hardcoded WP Shots License Key
  return 'your-license-key';

That’s it!

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