Building a Knowledgebase (Docs) with Beaver Themer and PODS

Here’s a looong screencast showing me building out a knowledgebase (or Documentation) using just beaver Themer and PODS (my 2 favorite plugins, besides my own, of course)

Here’s a link to view the Knowledgebase we built so you can check it out in action with all the final styling made.

I love this because

  • Its free (as long as you are a themer er)
  • Its flexible – I didn’t like using someone else templates for a knowledgebase, it just didn’t seem necessary anymore with Beaver Themer
  • It’s fun – it feels good to build something yourself.

Bonus, free downloads so you can import it straight into your own WordPress

See below the video for the downloads.

Watch the video

Take my hard work and use it

I changed some words and things since the screencast, but the export works just as well.

Download the Themer export file here

Install with: WP Admin > Tools > Import > WordPress

Download the Pods export file here

Install with: WP Admin > Pods > Components > Migrate Packages (you might have to install an extension)

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