Beaver Team Pro 1.1.1 Release Notes – January Update

Beaver Team Pro 1.1.1 Release Notes – January Update


New Stuff

No new features this month, just improvements


  • Update All
    • Add setting to module defaults when updating all – Both modules must be activated for this feature
    • Better handling of 2.2 settings groups
    • Improved ‘update all’ handling of responsive settings – now when you update all, it only updates the responsive settings you are working on
    • Improved UI of ‘update all’ -> we improved the display of settings that are being updated
  • Default Modules
    • Ability to modify Defaults during update all process
    • Improved handling of defaults. To update, now just drag in the module, make changes and hit publish.



  • Border radius has been moved down the module list, as BB 2.2 now supports border-radius


How to update?

You should be seeing the update in your WP updates in the coming hours. If you can’t see it or are in a hurry – you can download from your account


Let us know how you go!


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