Beaver Team Pro 1.0.7 Release Notes – Fall Update

Beaver Team Pro 1.0.7 Release Notes – Fall Update

Hey All,

Here is our latest update for Beaver Team Pro.

We can now safely say we are out of Beta, and this is a production ready, stable plugin. Any issues, please contact us.


New Stuff

These modules are disabled by default. Please activate them in Settings > Beaver Builder > Developer

  • Filter – Disable Beaver Builder Notifications Bell
  • Notes module – Add notes to any BB module/row/column



  • Update All
    • Limit post types that you will update all by default. Leave blank for post, page.
    • “Update this page only” – pretty self-explanatory.
    • Improved rendering of same-page bulk updates
  • Cache Buster
    • Integrated more deeply with



  • Simple row templates (Beaver Blocks) have been removed from BT Pro. With all the new simple row templates coming out – we have decided to focus on the other core modules that you use the most. Any issues, please let us know. If you wish to continue using the simple row templates, it can be downloaded here.


In the next version (1.1.0)

  • Notes
    • Hover over module to view notes
    • Protect notes from viewing/editing by users with defined capabilities
  • Boring licence stuff that will only affect you if you haven’t paid for the plugin (you should, you know)
  • Multisite
    • Manage settings from the super admin menu only (if you want)


How to update?

You should be seeing the update in your WP updates in the coming hours. If you can’t see it or are in a hurry – you can download from your account


Let us know how you go!


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