Beaver Team is Upgrading


To better represent what it is that we offer going into 2020 and beyond – Beaver Team will be re-branding over the next few weeks to merge under our parent business SiteSpot.

  • There are a lot of reasons why we’re re-branding.
  • We’re expanding our offering beyond Beaver Builder.
    • Our A/B test plugin is expanding to include Gutenberg and Elementor Support.
    • Our DNS helper plugin coming out soonish also has absolutely 0 to do with any page builder.
  • People get Beaver Team confused with the official Beaver Builder Team, which is awkward for everyone and was not our intention.
  • The existing brand is UGLY – our website was put together in a few hours and is generally, just really, really ugly.

There’s not much to see yet – over the next month, the old Beaver Team brand will be upgraded and moved over to its new home at


Don’t worry, we’ll still be offering the same great plugins – still mostly free, and still mainly Beaver Builder focused – but with a much nicer online experience. Your old bookmarks will still work too.


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