AB Split Tests for Beaver Builder 1.0.1 Update Notes

AB Split Tests for Beaver Builder 1.0.1 Update Notes

NEW – Convert on element click

After dragging in your conversion module, specify the selector of the element that you want to trigger a conversion.

conversion element

IMPROVED – Logging of visits and conversions [CHANGES]

Previously, we logged every visit and conversion of each variation. Now, we log every visitor that sees a variation, and whether or not they convert.

Your statistics will collect a little more slowly now, however your results will be more reliable.


Coming in 1.0.2 – Admin UX update

We admin, our admin page is the most beautiful thing out there, so we’re rebuilding it!


We’ll keep a daily log of visitors and conversions and show that to you

Better Results Analysis

Our new results will show the leading variation, plus the performance relative to the other options.

Where do I get it?

If you already have AB tests for BB, it will be available in your WP updates, now.

If you don’t have it yet, you can buy it here. Use coupon code “beaverdam” for 10% off.


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