Beaver Team Mapbox Module


Add a mapbox map to your Beaver Builder website. It’s themer friendly!

Max Width Column


The split page design is blowing up in the web design world, but it’s not simple to implement with BB.

Beaver Builder Rounded Corners – Border Radius Plugin


This free plugin is a quick and simple way to add border-radius, creating rounded corners on your rows and columns

Beaver Team Pro Plugin [premium]


The plugin for power Beaver Builder-er-ers! Bulk module updater – want to change the font size for all the buttons on your site?

Beaver Team Pro


Beaver Team Pro – Supercharge your Beaver Building. Get Started $129 pa Unlimited site license Version ¬†Changelog Do you spend hours on repetitive Beaver Builder tasks? Has the client updated their logo and colors mid…

Beaver Bricks


The existing Beaver Builder blocks are very styled, making it hard to quickly build mockups – unless you’re happy with the style given to you.

Beaver Builder Conditional Rows and Columns


Create conditions in an “If This Then That” style to decide how rows will be displayed

Beaver Builder Responsive Background Images


Does your mobile website look a bit wonky? Do you wish you could have a different background image for your smaller screens?

Beaver Builder SVG Pattern Backgrounds


Want to add a little spice to your row or column backgrounds without slowing down your site massively?