All In One WP Migration Subsite user self-export extension

NOTE: This plugin is an extension to All in one WP Migration Plugin with the multi site tools extension.

Yes, an extension for an extension. You need to have both plugins for this to work (they aren’t cheap plugins, either)

If you want to allow your customers to export their own sub-site without any manual work, this is the plugin for you.

What is does.

This plugin takes the subsite export settings out of the export, and moves it into the network admin, so you can create some sweet sweet default settings. See the “Subsite Export Options” menu item now in the All in one menu in your  network admin.

It gives the easiest export experience to the customer, no settings to touch. Simply, Go to Tools > Export Website.  Then click Export Website

It lets you restricts the ‘export button’ to

  • User roles
  • WP Ultimo plan levels

That’s it!

Can I see it?

Sure! Check out this video.


We’re offering 5 lifetime pre-sale licences.

Each licence is good for unlimited multisites managed and supported by you, the licence holder.

We won’t offer lifetime licences beyond this 5 licence pre-sale.

By joining this pre-sale – you agree to send us your honest and in depth feedback on the plugin so we can make it work for you.

Presale – so it isn’t finished?

The functionality is all working – we just need to finish QA and add in all the commercial licencing stuff etc etc. You can see a preview of the plugin in the video above.

When you buy from this pre-sale, you will receive a fully functioning WP plugin that allows users to export their sites.

You will need to manually update the plugin the future to the production version when it is released (by the end of March 2020).


What will the pricing be after the pre-sale?

Around $99 per multisite per year.

Buy now


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