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Do you have a Beaver Builder Agency that needs expert Beaver Builder help?

Do you dream of improving your efficiency, or need help designing a complex layouts, or automating data input for a large project?

Hire me, Tom, a fantatic Beaver Builder-er.

I can help with

  • Workflow
  • Builder Optimization and systemization.
  • Tough beaver builder and Themer layouts, concepts and planning.

Who is this for?

  • Beaver Builder! No, I don't want to work on your Elementor website, but I'm sure it's lovely.
  • Agencies! My skillset is best suited for someone with already slight technical chops. If you can create a custom post type with a plugin, you've passed the test.

Who is this NOT for

  • Single website owners, I find my help is the most useful with agencies who can leverage my knowledge across all their clients websites.
  • Absolute beginners, if you are super fresh to WordPress, I am not a fit.
  • Rush jobs. I'm not available at any second if something breaks or a client is cranky. Schedule me easily online and I'll be there.

Use cases

Get in touch in the chat widget if you aren't sure I can handle it.

  • An agency looking for some process / workflow help
  • You need some custom modules for your customers
  • Themer layouts
  • A graphic design heavy team that needs some tech chops
  • Website brand frameworks
  • Beaver Team Pro or AB Split Test implementation.
  • Customer calls - I like to think I'm pretty smooth - if you need help on a customer call, I can help. (contact us first, many exceptions)
  • Conversion Optimization - Planning, heatmap analysis, split test creation.
  • Like my style of marketing, and want help making it your own?

About Tom

Hey! I've been running my Beaver Builder based web marketing agency for over 6 years, I've built up teams, chopped them down, built them back up and redesigned my process 3 or 4 times. I've personally built hundreds of BB websites, developing a system and process that works quickly and reliably.

You probably know me from here, where I develop tools and ideas for Beaver Builder Agencies. My plugins run on over 10,000 websites and growing. I love helping people use WordPress and Beaver Builder to grow a business.


“Tom has been a key part of the ideation and development process behind almost everything I offer, from WordPress plugins to SaaS projects. When I need eyes on something, or if I’m just trying to understand some tricky PHP, he’s the first person I turn to for help. Talented developers can be snarky dweebs. Tom is chill.”

Dave Bloom

SoulMagic / text-based


Can I book 1,2,3 hours of your time?

Yep! Book in 1 hour, and I'll quote you on hours if it's a larger project.

Can you build me custom Beaver Builder Modules, or edit existing?

Oh yes!

Can you help me with JavaScript or jQuery tweaks, tools or features for a website?


What about PHP or WordPress tweaks and fixes?

I am violently experienced breaking and fixing WordPress sites and anything PHP.


Oh yes

Can I call you at 2am when a website crashes?

No, I have a few hours per day available for you to book in advance. I'm not emergency help or 24/7 support.

Can I have a refund?

As with most service business, we will not provide a refund for services rendered.

If subscribing to 10 hour blocks, you receive a large discount on hourly rates, so you will not be pro-rata refunded for unused hours. If you would like to just book me for a few hours, please choose an hour booking below.

Book in your time now.

Not sure? Hit me up in the live chat and we can talk about your WordPress goals