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Do you have a Beaver Builder Agency that needs expert Beaver Builder help?

Do you dream of improving your efficiency, or need help designing a complex layouts, or automating data input for a large project?

Hire me, Tom, a fantatic Beaver Builder-er.

I can help with

  • Workflow
  • Builder Optimization and systemization.
  • Tough beaver builder and Themer layouts, concepts and planning.

Who is this for?

  • Beaver Builder! No, I don't want to work on your Elementor website, but I'm sure it's lovely.
  • Agencies! My skillset is best suited for someone with already slight technical chops. If you can create a custom post type with a plugin, you've passed the test.

Who is this NOT for

  • Single website owners, I find my help is the most useful with agencies who can leverage my knowledge across all their clients websites.
  • Absolute beginners, if you are super fresh to WordPress, I am not a fit.
  • Rush jobs. I'm not available at any second if something breaks or a client is cranky. Schedule me easily online and I'll be there.

Use cases

Get in touch in the chat widget if you aren't sure I can handle it.

  • An agency looking for some process / workflow help
  • You need some custom modules for your customers
  • Themer layouts
  • A graphic design heavy team that needs some tech chops
  • Website brand frameworks
  • Beaver Team Pro or AB Split Test implementation.
  • Customer calls - I like to think I'm pretty smooth - if you need help on a customer call, I can help. (contact us first, many exceptions)
  • Conversion Optimization - Planning, heatmap analysis, split test creation.
  • Like my style of marketing, and want help making it your own?

About Tom

Hey! I've been running my Beaver Builder based web marketing agency for over 6 years, I've built up teams, chopped them down, built them back up and redesigned my process 3 or 4 times. I've personally built hundreds of BB websites, developing a system and process that works quickly and reliably.

You probably know me from here, where I develop tools and ideas for Beaver Builder Agencies. My plugins run on over 10,000 websites and growing. I love helping people use WordPress and Beaver Builder to grow a business.


Can I call you at 2am when a website crashes?

No, I have a few hours per day available for you to book in advance. I'm not emergency help or 24/7 support.

Can I have a refund?

As with most service business, we will not provide a refund for services rendered.

If subscribing to 10 hour blocks, you receive a large discount on hourly rates, so you will not be pro-rata refunded for unused hours. If you would like to just book me for a few hours, please choose an hour booking below.

Can I book 1,2,3 hours of your time?

Yep! Book in 1 hour, and we'll quote you if you need more.

Book in your time now.

Not sure? Hrit me up in the live chat and we can talk about your Beaver Builder dreams

  • Billed once per month until cancelled