The easiest A/B Test plugin for Beaver Builder.

We help designers, agencies and business owners test, learn and grow their business online with smart, simple A/B/X testing.

From idea to implementation, we help you make smarter decisions.



How do we lower the bounce rate?

Should we have a bold link at the footer of blog posts?

How do we increase form fill outs?

Maybe we could add a testimonial next to the contact form?


Create your Experiment

Inside beaver builder, make your changes that would support your idea.

Simply tag your experiment and your variations.

Easily tag conversions by page view by dragging in a Beaver Builder "Conversion" Module.

That's it, now we wait for the results.


Let the numbers decide

Easily see the winning experiment variation when enough data has been collected.

Be certain that you are making the right move for your business.

Automatically implement the winning experiment without any intervention (coming soon).

Watch as we create an A/B experiment in 50 seconds.

This 2-minute video shows you everything you need to know about how this plugin works and what you can expect.

We've moved!

We now support Gutenburg Blocks, Elementor AND Beaver Builder.

Because there is so much to look at, we've made an entire website for this plugin. Please go check it out...